Sweetie cakes, No cake Just Candy!!

Sweetie cakes are cakes made just out of sweets ,they contain no sponge cake. Just lollies held together by laces then filled with 7 layers of retro sweetshop style sweets, and are available in small medium and large.  The increase in allergies and aversion to traditional cake has sparked an interest for something unusual and alternative. Because of the special construction which is unique to us, the woven design was awarded with registered rights by the Intellectual Property Office. This robust construction also makes them great for travelling with many shipped abroad ahead of special occasions with no problem. The sweetie cake breaks well into party bags so are winners with parents but surprisingly popular for milestone birthdays.

– For the Big Kids!     Memory Lane Mix from a selection including: Cola Bottles / strawberries/ milk bottles/ fish/ snakes / hearts and stars.


Contain gluten.

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